Re-Constructing Home-Part 4: Potential

Derek and Bethany pulled up to the house and paused for a minute to assess the current situation. Weeds encroached on the yard. The grass hadn’t met a lawnmower in quite a while. But Derek’s ever-present love of yard work made those factors easy to dismiss. So, they looked past all of that to what matters most: the structure of the house. Were the bones of the house solid enough to persuade them to make this investment—an investment that would require time, money, and patience?


Re-Constructing Home-Part 3: The Hunt Begins-Again

Derek and Bethany started their house hunt in earnest when Evelyn was 4 weeks old. Because there is no better time to search for a new home than when bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived. And housing bliss didn’t come as easily this time around.

Re-Constructing Home – Part 2: Our First (Turnkey) Home

Derek and Bethany got married in April 2012 and quickly started chasing the American Dream of homeownership. They felt ready to invest in their future. Owning a home fit nicely into their dream for their family. And so the search began.

Re-Constructing Home-Part 1: Meet the Woods

This blog series, “Re-Constructing Home,” follows Derek and Bethany Wood, and their almost-two year old Evelyn, on their ground-up renovation of their historic Craftsman home in the City of Decatur.