Re-Constructing Home-Part 1: Meet the Woods

the_woodsDerek works as a realtor with Golley Realty, based out of Decatur. Derek’s affinity for Atlanta is contagious. He grew up in Candler Park, played sports all over the Southeast side of the city, and has both the understanding of the city and the knack for dealing with people that make a great realtor. He met his wife, Bethany, at Taqueria del Sol, where he was the General Manager for 5 years. She was a customer; he had a crush on her. He surreptitiously got her email address through the NCAA sports pool at Taqueria and asked her out (via email) to a Thrashers game. That one hockey game set this pairing into motion: they went on a date every day for a month. Two years (and countless sporting events) later, they were married.

Derek is simultaneously very social and incredibly laid back. He’s worked in customer service roles since his very first job. He engages people immediately and is a good listener. His hobbies run along the lines of hanging out with his family, grilling out, going to his farm in southwest Georgia, working in the yard, and gardening. He’s fond of old American cars; he did an internship restoring old American cars in high school. They were his first renovation projects. And Derek loves a renovation project. He doesn’t shy away from the hard-work and patience required to take a home from a fixer-upper to a custom-designed space that fits all his family’s needs.

Bethany works for a major home improvement retailer. She knows her way around plumbing fixtures, patio furnishings, tile options—basically all things home improvement. She’s got a tremendous eye for detail and design. And she likes to make things. Bethany has designed and built several pieces of furniture simply because she couldn’t find something to buy that suited her needs. Bethany is creative, hard-working and goal-oriented. She’s got a quick smile and a warm personality. Her goal is a forever home for her family, one with stellar design and optimal functionality, ideal for entertaining, for working from home, and one that will serve as the background for all of their daughter, Evelyn’s, childhood memories.

Derek & Bethany have set out on a renovation journey that will last for years. Their project has (at last tally) five different phases. They purchased a house that they find endless possibility in. But, currently, they are living in two rooms on the first floor of a two story house.

How did they get here? Find out in Part 2: Our First (Turnkey) Home


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