Re-Constructing Home-Part 8: Crafting the Perfect Space

When Derek and Bethany purchased their 1915 Craftsman home, they knew they’d have to do a massive overhaul of the interior to make it the open, warm, and functional space they desired. The choppy rooms, odd (and non-functional) kitchen, and funky blue carpet upstairs needed to be scrapped. But, out of the myriad of design possibilities, how to redesign the space to create the perfect home for their family became the question.


Re-Constructing Home-Part 7: Just Wait

When the Woods purchased their quirky, cluttered, but full-of-potential home, they planned to live in it for two months before the renovation started. But those two months quickly morphed into eight months of camping out in their pre-reno home. How? Three very simple factors: trees, permitting, and plans. Which turned out to be not-very-simple at all.