Re-Constructing Home-Part 11: Snapshots from the Reno Zone (a photo post)

Sometimes to move forward, things have to get messy first. The upstairs back rooms were demolished to make room for the expansion (which will also alter the roofline).
The back of the house is framed out. But they aren’t finished with the framing yet.
There’s another floor that needs to be framed out. This is actually the second floor, where most of the bedrooms/play area will be.
See the sun coming through like “Hallelujah, we are making progress!”? But still no roof.
Roofless, with the addition of a blue tarps to keep things dry. 
Roofline achieved!
All framed out.
A view from the front. Check out the new roof going on.
A look in from the back into the old kitchen. See that crazy pole right in the middle?!
Ready to create a warm, cozy & useable space–with no extraneous pole!
Evelyn’s been keeping a close eye on the progress. She’s excited to see what happens over the next few weeks. (She’s also working hard to find the perfect place for that chair.)



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