Re-Constructing Home-Part 15: End of 2016: State of the Reno Update

As 2016 draws to a close, a quick State of the Reno update seemed in order. The renovations continue to move along at a steady clip. In fact, the house is beginning to look rather like a house again. Derek & Bethany know that early 2017 will be filled with hectic last minute details, as renovations draw to a close (hopefully by late February). But right now, they are celebrating simply having come this far.

Take a look:

View from the kitchen looking toward the front of the house. The right wall is the “working” part of the kitchen–where the refrigerator, oven, & stove will be. The plumbing and stove vent is in, but no electrical just yet.
The new upstairs bedroom. Look at the view of the trees! The framing is complete, but no electrical yet.
This shot was taken standing in the back right hand corner of the new upstairs bedroom. From this angle, the closet and the bathroom (accessible through the guest room and the hall) is partially visible. Over to the right, you can see the installed bath tub. And the plumbing for the Jack & Jill bath is complete.
Look at those gorgeous vaulted ceilings! And the skylights! And, just as important–but not nearly as pretty, the HVAC is done.
This shot was taken from the dining room looking at the kitchen & family room (see the backyard way back there?). The swinging door from the kitchen to the dining room has been replaced by a larger door opening, for less of a saloon feel.
Here’s the upstairs guest bedroom, which is connected to the bathroom that was kind of, sort of visible in the previous shot from the new upstairs bedroom. This room formerly sported some wood paneling & an elevated floor. Both have been removed to bring the room into the current millennia.
A view of the master bathroom. In the center is the double faucet shower. On each side is an entrance to a closet. To preserve marital harmony, Derek & Bethany get their own closets. It’s for the best. Beyond the closets is the mudroom/playroom (that’s also plumbed for laundry).

And that is the State of the Reno for 2016. Thanks to all who have followed Derek & Bethany’s renovation journey so far. We look forward to sharing more reno news, updates, and photos in 2017! Happy New Year!


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