Re-Constructing Home-Part 17: We’ve Got Windows!

When you’re managing a renovation, small milestones become pretty big deals. Take for instance, the wrap that goes not on the exterior of the house (innovatively called: house wrap).

House wrap serves as a weather-protection barrier, keeping water from getting inside the house, while letting moisture escape to prevent mold & mildew. It isn’t very exciting to look at–unless you are renovating a house. Because the house wrap–well, it paves the way for windows and siding.


Re-Constructing Home-Part 16: Managing Kids AND A Reno

Renovations can be absolutely crazy-making. Feeling displaced from your own home, putting your belongings in storage, never quite knowing where anything is…even when you know that the payoff is an amazing, custom renovation, the process can be agonizing.

Now imagine enduring the reno process from a kid’s perspective. Having the perfect lighting fixtures matters not to them. But knowing where their Legos are, well that means everything.