Re-Constructing Home-Part 17: We’ve Got Windows!

When you’re managing a renovation, small milestones become pretty big deals. Take for instance, the wrap that goes not on the exterior of the house (innovatively called: house wrap).

Sure, it doesn’t look that swanky.
But it signifies real progress.

House wrap serves as a weather-protection barrier, keeping water from getting inside the house, while letting moisture escape to prevent mold & mildew. It isn’t very exciting to look at–unless you are renovating a house. Because the house wrap–well, it paves the way for windows and siding.

Real windows. Real progress.
Check out the configuration on these windows! Excuse the glare. That’s just all the natural light coming through.

After the windows go in, the siding goes up. And having siding on the house can make a homeowner believe that, at some point relatively soon, this renovation will be over. And they may get to actually live in the house again.

One step closer to the end of the reno journey.

img_4158After all the siding is in place, the work shifts to the inside of the house. The insulation goes in. Then the drywall goes up. Derek & Bethany are approximately two weeks away from drywall installation. After the drywall, the pieces that actually make a house a home start to occur: cabinetry (which takes as long as 6 weeks!), trim, paint, fixtures of all sorts. All in all, Derek & Bethany are likely 2 and a half months from reno completion.

But, in the meantime, they measure progress in windows and siding.



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  1. Ann Cooper says:

    Kit gave me the link for the blog, and I enjoyed reading each post. We’ve done lots of remodeling, but nothing compared to you. Ours was stressful, but we’ve always been thrilled with the end result. You’re about to get to the “fun” part now, and I’m guessing can almost see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. Can’t wait to see the blog when the house is all finished. We’re so happy for your success, both personal and professional. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss you every time we go to Taqueria — just wont ever be the same without you. Heard you’re going to the Super Bowl and can only imagine how excited you are about that. Rise up!
    Ann Cooper, aka Kit’s mom and Evelyn and Eliza’s grandmother


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