Re-Constructing Home-Part 20: Black & White (Bethany’s Thoughts on Design)

We are so close to drywall I can almost taste it. Well, not actually taste it (because that’s gross), but you get the idea. As visions of real walls dance in my head, I can’t help but get more excited about what I might put on those walls and what finishes and details I want.

Lately–and by lately, I really mean since forever–I have loved black and white. I didn’t realize I was so biased until I was shopping with a friend, and she looked at the pile of clothes in my arms and said, “Are you ever going to even try on a color?” I looked down and saw a sea of white and black–with some gray in the mix for good measure. Her pile, on the other hand, abounded with corals, pinks, purples and all kinds of vibrant blues. It’s not that I am opposed to color. I am just drawn to black and white. The crispness and classic vibes just make me happy.

Okay, back to the new house: I’ve been finding lots of black & white inspiration on Pinterest. Recent obsessions include black & white wallpaper and black & white bathrooms. I am envisioning our powder room with black & white wallpaper. By the way, wallpaper isn’t just for old country farmhouses and homes built in the ‘80s. Have you seen the latest designs? They even have removable wallpaper, which is basically like a contact paper. No full commitment required.

Here are some of my favorite inspirations:

What do you think? Have you done wallpaper in your house lately?  What color trend have you been obsessed with?


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