Re-Constructing Home-Part 23: Something To Stand On

Amid all the excitement about the new baby, Derek & Bethany’s renovation continues to move along. Probably not quite as quickly as they would like–after all, they’ve been in the thick of renovations for quite a while now. But now there is progress in the form of… FLOORING!


As Promised…

Click to see the video of our gender reveal!

Re-Constructing Home-Part 21: Drywall!

If you aren’t in the middle of a renovation, a topic like drywall may seem (dare we say…) a bit boring. But if, like Derek & Bethany, you do find yourself wading through a months long renovation of what promises to one day be the home of your dreams… well, then you just may find yourself head-over-heels about drywall. Because drywall makes the bones of a house start to look like a home again.