Re-Constructing Home-Part 21: Drywall!

If you aren’t in the middle of a renovation, a topic like drywall may seem (dare we say…) a bit boring. But if, like Derek & Bethany, you do find yourself wading through a months long renovation of what promises to one day be the home of your dreams… well, then you just may find yourself head-over-heels about drywall. Because drywall makes the bones of a house start to look like a home again. Take a look:


Drywall allows you to walk into the master bath and tell, without any extra sleuthing required, where the shower will be.


Drywall makes rooms appear where there were once just room-skeletons. You can begin to see exactly what the layout of the house will be. No imagination required.


Walls AND a staircase: visible proof to Derek & Bethany that this renovation will end one day soon.


Derek & Bethany have been wading through various stages of this renovation for about a  year. And life continues to move forward, renovation or not. So, while drywall may not be a thrill for most folks, for the Woods it holds the promise that someday soon they will be able to come home. And that is a pretty amazing feeling.


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