Re-Constructing Home-Part 22: Such a Big House for a Little Family (A Post by Bethany)

We’ve got this big house for just the three of us. Evelyn will be the only one sleeping upstairs. People brought all these ‘problems’ to our attention during this renovation process. Well, fear not. The Woods are problem solvers.

It’s turns out to be a good thing we are building a bigger house, because Evelyn is going to have company. That’s right! We are expanding our family by one in August. We could not be more excited – now decorating another bedroom is even more fun, because I will get to design it as a nursery.

Boy or girl, I love dreaming about how I would decorate for either one.

If it’s a boy, I’d love something graphic with bright colors and fun patterns – incorporating color and texture like these nurseries do:



If it is a girl, I am really liking a floral theme. But bold, not pastels. Deep purples and blues. Maybe a black and white rug? Here are a few nurseries I found that I would use as inspiration:


You’ll have to check back in soon to find out whether Evelyn will have a baby sister or a baby brother… and to see how the nursery unfolds!




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