Re-Constructing Home-Part 23: Something To Stand On

Amid all the excitement about the new baby, Derek & Bethany’s renovation continues to move along. Probably not quite as quickly as they would like–after all, they’ve been in the thick of renovations for quite a while now. But now there is progress in the form of… FLOORING!

Behold the glory of wood flooring:


Ever wondered what enough wood to lay down a hardwood floor would look like?
When they are laid out like this, the boards look like the flat pieces of wood used for roofs in Lincoln Logs.
Looking from the dining room to the kitchen & family room…
Drywall, windows, and flooring… the renovation trifecta.
Starting to look cozy.
A cameo by Evelyn. Because toddlers make everything more fun!
The surprise fireplace. It really does look quaint.
Upstairs View
Upstairs Bedroom

Installing flooring also means that Derek & Bethany are closer to the design stage of the renovation. Stay tuned for developments (including design ideas from Bethany) as they unfold.



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