Re-Constructing Home-Part 27: Kitchen Inspiration

One of the things Derek and I most look forward to about completing this renovation is being able to entertain again. We love having friends and family over. Being together in an inviting, cozy (but spacious!) kitchen, where we can cook and enjoy good company resonates with who we are as a family. So, having a kitchen that would function well for entertaining and for everyday cooking became a priority.


Re-Constructing Home-Part 26: Mistakes Happen

It was bound to happen at some point: a plethora of decisions, combined with my status as a newbie remodeler, left me vulnerable to making at least one bad decision during this epic renovation.

Re-Constructing Home-Part 25: It’s All Hinging On This

*phone rings*

Contractor: I need you to pick out hinges.

Me: Hinges? Ok, sure. No problem.

I go to my spreadsheet, where I attempt to keep track of my ever-changing design plans. Nope, haven’t given a thought to hinges. But it seems simple enough.

Re-Constructing Home-Part 24: Bethany Hearts Kitchen Cabinets

Ah, the long awaited meeting with the cabinet guy. It’s exciting, but it involves more questions than you could possibly conjure up: how large do you want the walkway to be? Where do you want the drawers? How deep do you want your cabinets? And on, and on…