Re-Constructing Home–Part 31: Bethany Explores A Necessary (Decorating) Evil

I grew up in Seattle, where ceiling fans are nearly foreign objects. My 10 years in Atlanta have taught me that, in the South, ceiling fans are a necessity and removing a ceiling fan is akin to losing an appendage.


Re-Constructing Home-Part 30: Driftwood & Pickled Oak

Progress at the house continues, with multiple crews bustling in and out this past week. In the mix of productive chaos was our flooring crew. Which could only mean one thing: the time had come to decide on a stain color.

Re-Constructing Home-Part 28: Bethany’s Master Bath Inspiration

Our master bath layout became really important to me. I wanted an area where I could get ready without being in Derek’s way. The bathroom space needed to function well for us. Derek’s move into real estate means that we have similar schedules now—so bathroom space is at premium in the mornings.