Re-Constructing Home-Part 28: Bethany’s Master Bath Inspiration


I remember being a little girl and watching my mom get ready for the day. Make-up, hair… it was my preview into the mysterious world of adulthood. And it was my chance to spend time with my mom. I am also the oldest of 5 kids, and I have 3 sisters, so in many ways getting ready has always been both a process and a bonding experience.

This fondness for time spent together during the chaos of getting ready made our master bath layout really important to me. I wanted an area where I could get ready without being in Derek’s way. The bathroom space needed to function well for us. Derek’s move into real estate means that we have similar schedules now—so bathroom space is at premium in the mornings.

I started looking for master baths that would inspire our layout and design. These really struck a chord with me and ultimately guided some of our choices:

After some contemplation and shuffling, we ultimately landed on this layout for our master bath:


There’s an area to the left of the sink where I can sit down and get ready—without crowding Derek. We also incorporated a separate toilet room (essential!) and a large shower with dual showerheads.

This is a functional design that we can live with. And that will keep us both happy. Which, after all, is essential to marital harmony (at least in this house).



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