Re-Constructing Home-Part 29: Bit by Bit

Derek & Bethany’s renovation continues to progress in ways that make them believe they may actually get to live in this gorgeous home some day soon.

All of the design dreaming and planning that Bethany has done is manifesting in tangible ways. The black & white bathroom, for example, is making its way into existence:


See how the floor tile matches the inlay in the bath niche?

The banister found its place upstairs, which feels simultaneously much safer & much more like home:


Classic and clean detailing on the banister. 

And, in the spirit of entertaining (which both Derek & Bethany love) and enjoying the lovely Atlanta fall & spring seasons, they’ve added a deck in the back.



And look at the amazing patio they’ve put above the deck:


Evelyn cameo!

The careful thought and planning that went into designing this home is evident in the details. Bit by bit, the Woods finally get to see the fruits of their hard work and their patience–and the payoff certainly is beautiful.





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