Re-Constructing Home–Part 31: Bethany Explores A Necessary (Decorating) Evil

I grew up in Seattle, where ceiling fans are nearly foreign objects. My 10 years in Atlanta have taught me that, in the South, ceiling fans are a necessity and removing a ceiling fan is akin to losing an appendage.

As with everything in home renovation, ceiling fans offer a lot to consider: ceiling height, size of the room, requirement for overhead lighting, remote operation, outdoor rating (if the fan is for the porch). Personally, I’m a fan of larger ceiling fans over small, so I did not purchase anything less than 42”, even for our smaller rooms upstairs. Regardless of size, I’ve found that when mounting a fan to lower ceilings, flush mount or hugger styles are necessary to create proper headroom.

Since it appears that ceiling fans are a necessary decorating evil in the South, I’ve tried to embrace our multi-blade, motored friend. I ultimately look for ceiling fans that give the room some character but don’t compete with the rest of the décor that will fill each space.

Here are some of the best ceiling fans I’ve turned up in my quest for the ideal fan:


Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.31.37 PM
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  1. You are spot on with the necessary (at times) evil, couldn’t agree more!


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