Re-Constructing Home-Part 33: Front Porch Do-Over

Bethany breaks down the renovation of the front porch of their 1915 Craftsman:

As the inside of the house awaits the complicated orchestration of sub-contractor schedules, the focus has turned to the front porch. When we started this renovation (long, long ago), the porch had round columns and very red brick. As I contemplated porch aesthetics, I took factored in a few considerations: 1) I’d already decided to paint the main part of the house white, and 2) the bricks on the porch needed to complement the bricks along the lower level (which we painted gray). Our previous home had a painted porch, and, although I liked the look, I did not like constantly having to repaint it. This time, I wanted low maintenance, but I still wanted some exposed brick present on the house. So, I decided to redo the brick porch using the same white-washed, tumbled brick we used on our new chimney.

Here is what we started with:


It became obvious to me immediately that the Roman-style columns had to go. Not only were they rotting but the style and scale was off.


Buh-bye anemic Pantheon columns and old, ugly brick.


I wanted the columns to replicate the look of the newel post that is original to the house. We’d also need to increase the scale of the columns to provide a better visual balance.


Here’s the newel column we hoped to match. 


After sketching out the design and dimensions on a scrap piece of wood, the crew went to work:


Here is the porch with the new brick and the first coat of white paint. (Just go ahead and ignore that huge package getting in the way of my stellar porch photography. We’ll get to the package in another post):


While it’s still a work in progress – new lighting and painting still to come– I’m really pleased with the porch transformation.


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