Re-Constructing Home-Part 38: Timber!

Bethany & Derek had an eventful weekend. Bethany talks about their latest (mis)adventure:

Sometimes 2 feet makes a huge difference. On Saturday, parts of Decatur experienced microbursts. A microburst is a small downdraft that moves in a way opposite to a tornado. Microbursts most often occur in strong thunderstorms. The microburst that impacted Decatur occurred around 4:30 Saturday afternoon.

Luckily, Derek and I had just left the house, where we’d been there working on various small projects,. We headed to pick up Evelyn from my parent’s house. And that’s when our neighbor’s 50,000 pound oak tree came crashing down.


While the giant tree did clip our house, taking down a second large tree in the process and causing some fairly significant damage to the front of the house and to our freshly poured driveway and sidewalk – no one was hurt.


2 feet to the left and the tree would have cut through the front rooms (probably down to the foundation), and 2 feet to the right would’ve caused a spilled port-o-potty – so there are blessings to be counted.


Dealing with damage to your house is always upsetting. But we’re 5 weeks away from our due date…  and we were so close to moving in that we’d even started packing a couple of boxes. So, yeah, this is was a pretty tough one to take.

Set backs during construction are inevitable. But escaping physical harm and significant damage to our house certainly puts things in perspective. So, we press on… now to finish this renovation AND repair project!





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